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So I just picked up 10 rolls of film from Walgreens today and I found out my stylus epic has an epic light leak. I dropped it pretty soon after I got it and I’m sure that’s what did it. Pretty bummed about that because I really liked that camera, but I only spent $15 on it so hopefully I’ll get lucky and find another cheap one. Anyway, get ready for a bunch of light leaked photos.

Cameras for sale

Hey guys. I have a few cameras that I’m thinking about selling. I don’t use them very often and I could definitely use a few extra bucks to get the 20 something rolls of film developed that I have sitting in the fridge. All the cameras work great and are in good condition. Here’s what I have:

Polaroid z340 digital instant camera. Comes with the box, charger, cables, software, and a few sheets of film loaded in the camera.

Yashica electro 35 gsn. Comes with the original leather yashica cover.

Olympus trip 35. Comes with a few color filters.

Olympus infinity stylus.

Olympus XA2. Comes with an A16 flash, the original instructions, and a plastic case.

If you’re interested in any of these cameras, send me a message and I’ll send you some photos of the cameras and what kind of price I’m looking to get. I’ll probably be putting these on eBay soon, but I figured I’d post them here first incase anyone wants them. Let me know if you’re interested!